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1 The Hymn to the Holy Haeven(Shinsei Sanka) | 2 Return to Heaven(Ten e Kaere) | 3 The Counting Song of the Awakened One(Kakusha no Kazoeuta) | 4 Liberattion from Samsara(Rin'ne o Koeru) | 5 The Dawning(Reimei) | 6 The Five Precepts(Gokai no Uta) | 7 Mahayana | 8 Tantrayana | 9 Vajrayana | 10 To the Future(Mirai e) | 11 The Hymn(Sanka) | 12 Forge Ahead! The Warriors of Truth(Tatakae! Shinri no Senshitachi) | 13 Superhuman Divine Powers(Chooetsu Jinriki) | 14 The One Who Has Awakened to the Truth(Kakusha) | 14 The One Who Has Awakened to the Truth(Kakusha)-New | 15 Samsara(Rinnetenshou) | 16 Conquer the Devils(Uchikate Akuma ni)New | 17 Steady Practice(Yasumazu Tayumazu Shinri no Shugyou) | 18 The Practitioner's Song(Shugyousya no Uta) | 19 Forge Ahead! Aum Shinrikyo(Susume Shinrikyo) | 20 Forge Ahead! The Warriors of the Truth Ver.2(Tatakae Shinri no Senshitachi 2) | 21 Wandering in Bardo(Samayoeru Bardo) | 22 Lord Death's Counting Song(Emma no Kazoeuta) | 23 The True Meaning(Shin no Imi) | 24 The Suffeing of the Being(Tanashii no Kunoo) | 25 Living for Love(Ai no Tmeni Ikiru) | 26Forge Ahead,the Hero of the Truth!(Tatakae! Shinri no Yuusha)

Other Musics
Sugare Samana yo 1.2MB| Kyuusaino Koozu Part1| Kyuusaino Koozu Part2| Symphonic Suites Genesis_1A3MB, Genesis_2, Genesis_3, Genesisi_4 | The Grand Symphony Christ_1, Christ_2, Christ_3, Christ_4 | Symphony2"The Gospel of the Kingdom"1-2 4.6MB, Gospe of the Kingdom 3-4 | Symphony3 The Compressional Love of Chyren 1-2 2.7MB, Comp. Love of Chyren 3-4 | Symphony4 The Salvation of Mercy 6.5MB | Symphony5 The Song of Victory 5MB | Piano Concesto The Path 9MB | KANZENGEDATSU the 3rd live(Mar.'99) | KANZENGEDATSU the 2nd live | Karuna?(Ai) 2.5MB | Karman wa Yuugen | HoukiH | Extreme Discipline? | Truth First Year | The Trip to the Astral World 1.2MB | Necter 2.2MB | The Savior 4.6MB | Uma Parvati's Love 1MB | Uma Parvati's Love 6MB | Uma Parvati's Love(Chyren) 1MB | Shambhala Shambhala 700KB | Shambhala Shambhala(Chyren 3MB)3MB):recommended! | Mahakala's Song 1MB | Mahakala's Song 7MB | Haruka naru Kyuusai 1MB | Time Travel 1.2MB | Lord Shiva 2MB | Citta 1MB | The Saint 1.2MB | Benevolence 2.6MB | All about Chyren(music tape) | ALL about Chyren(VIDEO-Genesis-1)7MB, ALL about Chyren(VIDEO-Genesis-2)11MB

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